Light a lamp in a child's life

Deepam is a volunteer driven organization. We reach out to 600 children across 12 centers in Tamil Nadu, every weekend – thanks to people like you who wish to make a difference. Deepam works in Chennai and Coimbatore currently. We have 8 centres in Chennai and 4 centres in Coimbatore, currently. We are also working on increasing our centres in other cities/towns.

How do you start

The best way to start off is to visit one of our centers during a class. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot and come down for a ‘few’ trial classes, interact with the kids and see how we work!
Fill in the form and we will reach out to you.

Induction program

We conduct Induction Programs at regular intervals to welcome our new volunteers, and inform them about Deepam, how we go about our teaching and mentoring, and responsibilities and roles of volunteers.

More about us

Deepam is looking for volunteers in places across Tamil Nadu. You can register here.
  1. Chennai – Lots of opportunities for volunteers in our centres across Chennai
  2. Coimbatore – We started in Coimbatore in 2018 – opportunities are open for volunteers in Coimbatore
  3. If you are from another area in Tamil Nadu and want to help us start a Deepam centre there – you are welcome too

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