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Actions that people take when circumstances force them to, can make all the difference to overcome a challenge 

Priya, 18 year old daughter of an auto driver in Chennai, just met the biggest challenge of her life. Not the academic challenge – Those challenges she faced in class 10 & 12 were easily overcome through her hard work & determination – She scored over 95% in her exams. It was the financial challenge – Her auto-driver dad missed out on his regular income due to covid, and Priya faced a real prospect of missing her college education. Under challenging circumstances, she took control of her destiny. With just her dad’s basic smartphone, which she could use after he got home from work – She google-searched for scholarship opportunities and reached out to Deepam with all the hopes & dreams. Deepam scholarship team saw her as highly deserving of the scholarship – her academic results, her family’s financial background, she being a 1st generation graduate among other reasons. Thanks to Priya’s action in these circumstances & support from Deepam scholarships, Priya joined BE Computer Engineering.

Education is one of the fundamental supports that a child needs to become a productive adult. Many children don’t even get a chance at school education. Some don’t have the financial backing to go to college.

It is Deepam’s vision to see every child get a real opportunity at life – through school & college education. Deepam aims to support deserving less-privileged children by providing them scholarships.

In the academic year 2020-21, Deepam Scholarships were given to 12 deserving students for a total of Rs. 1.94 lakhs. For the academic year 2021-22 (till February 05), an amount of Rs. 3.7 lakhs has been given as Deepam Scholarships to 20 students, with few more requests under consideration.

Deepam Scholarships are entirely funded by donors. All the money raised for scholarships is directed towards providing scholarships. Since the team comprises volunteers, there is no administrative expense.

Through this fundraiser, Deepam scholarships team is aiming to raise Rs.5 Lakhs. Your generous donation to Deepam scholarships can help make the dreams of 30 students like Priya, a reality.

Donations to Deepam Charitable Trust are eligible for exemption under Section 80G of Income Tax Act, 1961. If you have any questions, please email [email protected], and we will be glad to answer.


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