DEEPAM Venkatachalam – Kalyani Scholarship 2021-22

Janavi Shyam

For the year 2022, the scholarship has been awarded to Priyadarshini Prakash – Priya has been a brilliant student and has scored over 95% in both her class 10 & class 12. Her college education fee is supported in part through this scholarship. We are proud to further Priya’s college education through this.

DEEPAM Venkatachalam-Kalyani (VK) Scholarship was formally launched on October 18th 2021, to provide financial support to less-privileged students as a collaboration program to honour Venkatarman’s living parents – Mr.Venkatachalam & Mrs.Kalyani.

In his own words, Venkat says – “For my father who is more righteous than any person I have seen, and my mother who is benevolent towards all life, this scholarship is a tribute from their son for a cause that we all believe in. There is nothing more important than education today. It is the only thing that will help us break shackles and scale barriers.  Having worked with Deepam for many years, we find no better place to start doing our little bit when all of us are alive and well”

Please click here VK scholarship to know more on the inception of this scheme.

Into the second year of the VK scholarship, the scheme provides an amount of Rs.35,000 towards paying college/school fees for deserving students. This annual scholarship corpus is likely to increase in the coming years to enable the scheme to be available for more students. This year, the scholarship has been supported by Mr. Vasudevan, Venkat’s beloved uncle. We look forward to more such individuals in joining this effort.

Deepam is looking forward to introduce more such scholarships in the years to come. If you wish to initiate one in your name or in the name of your loved ones through Deepam, please get in touch with us by writing to – [email protected]

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