Netbooks at Deepam West Mambalam Centre!! Thanks to OPEN India

We had our first class at the Deepam WM center on Sept 5th 2009 with a dream of introducing computers to the kids and teaching English by using them as a tool and one year later we have realized this dream. It is more than a dream come true for these less privileged kids who are enjoying the english lessons taught using the netbooks.

The Deepam West Mamblam center currently has 6 Dell Mini Netbooks and from the class on Sept 4th we have integrated it as a part of our curriculum. We are sure that the children will cherish learning english from the Hi Tech tool. The WM team is very happy and grateful to the sponsors for not only nurturing the enthusiasm in the kids but also helping the center take one step closer to being GREEN by helping us reduce the number of worksheets used in the class.

All the 6 netbooks at the west mambalam centre were sponsored by OPEN India. Just over a call , OPEN team decided to support Deepam and followed through with it. We are grateful and thankful to OPEN , IGNITE trust and Sriram Gopalaswamy and Bala from DELL for making this happen. We look forward for your continued support. Also thanks to Saye for his initiative – he came across OPEN and wrote to them requesting for support… and here it is 🙂

Uniforms for kids at Deepam WM center

All of us understand the importance of having a good environment at schools and am sure that most of you would agree that it has a direct impact on the child’s motivation to go to school and eagerness to learn. A good environment not only means having good teachers, having good group of friends but also having good infrastructure at school.
We at Deepam have been teaching at community centers/ schools for morethan 2 years now and along with our efforts to improve our teaching methods we have been looking out for opportunities to improve the infrastructure at our various centers. For a start we got an opportunity to sponsor uniforms for the children at our West Mambalam center.

Deepam classes at WM happen at Sri Venkata Nivasam Primary School. The school,which has classes till 5th std, is one of the oldest schools in WM and has around 120 children . The children come from an under privileged background with the average family income of less than 50k a year. The school is a government aided school and the infrastructure is very modest. In fact two of the three classrooms in the school don’t have electricity. More than electricity the kids were in need of uniforms and we volunteered to sponsor uniforms for all the kids in the school.

Fortunately we got acquainted with Madras Knights Round Table 181 and TEAM USA , who were more than willing to fund the project. The total cost of the uniforms was 20k . The teachers, parents and kids expressed their happiness and vocally thanked us for sponsoring the uniforms. The teachers also mentioned that this was the first time that all the children were wearing new uniforms on the opening day.

Deepam would like to thank Round Table (Madras Knights Round Table 181 ) and TEAM USA for its generous contribution and we look forward to their continued support to help improve infrastructure at other Deepam centers. Also, a big thanks to the volunteer team at West Mambalam for coming up with the idea of distributing uniforms and enthusiastically going about ensuring the uniforms were given to the students, on time