Photography at Olcott School

Children can never be stereotyped and should never be! Because, you never know when they can pull a surprise on you. It happened at the Olcott School… I’ve not seen this bunch of Children at the school as excited and happy, as they were last saturday, showing off the photos they clicked.

Photos clicked by the children…

Usually, it takes some coaxing to get them to talk – but today was different. We had students enthusiastically come to the front of the class, show us what they clicked, describe the photo and explain how they clicked.

Usually, the children wait for the ‘school bell’ at 12:30 pm – today , was different . We had to close the class at 12:45 , against their wishes!!! The children were hanging around at the class, eager to show what they clicked and also to listen & learn from the volunteers on photography.

These sessions drive home the point real hard – Make learning more fun for the Children. Every child is curious and wants to learn. Through an activity that engages the children , our class must utilise their natural curiosity and enthusiasm, to make them ‘learn’.

This method is not just for Photography – Can we extend the fun learning to English & Computers too ?

Btw, The activity for the day was to split the class into groups of 4/5 students. Each group was guided by a volunteer with a Digital Camera. Children were free to go around the school and click photos on 2 themes – what they like about the school and what they do at school.