Deepam Financials 2009-10

Though we had these numbers in our newsletter issue of july 2010, financials required a seperate post.
  • All the monies raised / donated were used to directly benefit the children
  • There is no admin expense – no money spent on activities that didn’t directly benefit children . For example : No salaries were paid to ‘volunteers’ / no cost of operating an office etc
  • The netbook fundraiser organised by Srini / Balaji / Meera and Vijay
  • Many small contributions that added up quite well, to end the year with a surplus
  • We bought 6 netbooks with the monies , to support the UK / KC centre
Thanks to our treasurer Bhargav, for patiently working through this one. Quietly, he works away in the background, to ensure all the activities go smooth without the glitches. Thanks buddy!