2009 at Deepam and a New Year

Hello Friends,

End / Start of a year is a great time to lookback on the work and assess / plan .

2009 was our 1st full year at Deepam. Its also the year where a number of people have stepped forward to contribute / give back. Being entirely volunteer driven, this is a significant step at Deepam. Volunteers are also ‘connecting’ with the kids, which is a big step towards making a positive impact on the children. On the organisation front, we are beginning to be recoganised by external organisations – we are able to now partner with others, lot more easily. We are also getting our act together on fundraising , which is much required activity for our infrastructure needs.

We added 4 new centres and 140+ students in our programs in 2009 alone. That number, ofcourse, doesn’t matter as much as how much ‘impact’ we made. We are improving this, as we go.

As we end the year 2009, I want to thank all the volunteers for the dedication and sincere effort. Without you, Deepam wouldn’t be able to ‘bridge the divide’.

In 2010, our focus will be mainly on improving the impact we make, on the students. We will be working on a curriculum relevant for deepam ( tailored for each centre ), that excites and interests the students. Infrastructure availability ( internet and a good student : computer ratio ) will be a priority as well. Finally, volunteer support at each centre, to ensure our children have the mentorship they need.

2010 will be an exciting year at Deepam – Lets make more impact on the children.

Wish all of you at Deepam, a happy holidays and a fantastic new year.