2009 Deepam Fellow

Deepam Fellow is an award conceptualised to honour the people who have made a significant contribution to furthering the cause of education for less-privileged children at Deepam. This award will be given to 3 people every year.

Deepam aims to honour 2 types of people through this award
  • People involved in direct teaching & mentorship : Teachers are the people who have an immense opportunity to change the future of the world – by positively influencing the people who will inhabit the world in the future. The best among them will be honoured through the Deepam Fellow award
  • People involved in design & implementation of programs enabling teaching : By designing / implementing a program that enables teachers / children to meet their education goals, people who design / implementation work in tandem with teachers to make an impact on the children. The best among these people will be honoured through the Deepam Fellow award
2009 Deepam Fellow

Deepam is a young organisation and hence, it is important that we have some good leaders amongst us. The 2009 Deepam Fellows have shown a good example of Leadership last year. All 3 of them are passionate about ‘Deepam Idea’ . We are honoured to have the 3 people amongst us

  • Anuradha

    1. Good Leader – Has set up teams wherever she spent her time – UK Centre and Now at VRS Centre
    2. Set up new centre starting process along with Basu
    3. New ideas on evaluating deepam‘s impact – baselined the current batch at VRS ( 1st time at Deepam )
    4. Keeps the volunteers motivated – She herself is high on enthusiasm and always wears a happy smile on her face. No wonder people love to be around with her πŸ™‚
    5. Sometimes, we’ve seen her teach at 2 centres – VRS Centre in the morning and UK centre in the evening πŸ™‚

  • Anupama

    1. Connects with the students very well
    2. Always looks for ways to improve the class and make it more interesting – A typical conversation would start with how the current methods can be changed to make class better. She usually has some suggestions to make / ask . And importantly, in a few weeks, she takes the idea to completion / execution. It is an awesome feeling to see something executed!
    3. Deepam Class at pudiyador has been consistent, in a large way, thanks to Anupama and her team.
    4. With her around, one can be assured that Children are in good mentorship – she takes that extra bit of care to ensure students and volunteers enjoy what they do. It sure reflects in the class at Pudiyador πŸ™‚
  • Srini

    1. When the centre ( KC Centre ) he was teaching was demolished, he worked hard / smart to find a new centre in the locality. When the centre authorities didn’t give Deepam permission to use the centre, he spent his time to build a relationship with the local centre authorities – He was given a duplicate key in a month πŸ™‚
    2. His students call up every saturday to check with him if there is a deepam class. On every festival day, they call up to wish him – what more a teacher can ask for ?
    3. He made himself available to support anyone in Deepam in any possible way – From installing Computers in Pudiyador / VRS , to creating videos on Deepam, to keeping the buzz alive on Facebook and many more.
    4. He brought a ton of energy / passion to Deepam – Most visible during the Deepam childrens day, when he went to all deepam centres, dressed up as a tiger and helped with the tee shirt painting event !
    5. All KC volunteers would agree – he has a way with the students πŸ™‚