Know About Deepam #1

Deepam was formed to bridge the divide between the privileged and the under-privileged and help the under-privileged kids with access to more opportunities through education. Since computers and internet are/will-be all pervasive and hence, a basic skill requirement in the future, Deepam aims to impart the computer / internet knowledge to the kids. To take advantage of this knowledge, kids also require the ability to communicate well through a global language. English communication skills form another important focus at Deepam. In addition, to ensure the kids grow up to be a confident and a well-rounded person, Deepam also works on kids’ general awareness and personality development. These 4 areas are Deepam’s key focus areas – 

  1. Computer / Internet Knowledge
  2. English Communication Skills
  3. Personality Development
  4. General Awareness
Deepam – A Society of people with similar interests
Deepam is modelled as a society of people who are interested in bridging the divide through education. Deepam is a not-for-profit society. It is owned by Deepam community and not ‘individuals’.

Deepam Programs
To implement the objectives, Deepam has 4 groups

  1. Deepam Educate – Operates all the teaching centres, where kids are taught. Co-ordinates with the teaching volunteers and ensures that class’ go on smoothly as planned. This group also develops curriculum material.
  2. Friends of Deepam – This group builds partnerships with external organisations, to enable Deepam’s reach its goals. Fund raising , Computer / Laptop donations etc are handled by this group
  3. Deepam Stars – Stars are Deepam kids who have displayed exceptional attitude towards education. These kids are hand-picked for financial scholarships through this group.
  4. Deepam Lead – This group identifies / trains volunteers for various activities of Deepam. In addition, they also identify new ‘Deepam Educate’ teaching centres where kids can be taught.

How can you help ?
Deepam aims to fulfill its objectives through volunteer involvement. The group is modelled to enable anyone to take initiatives that further the education of the kids. Deepam welcomes intiatives and execution by all volunteers. Further, there is a core team that helps coordinate the activities of Deepam. This team comprises of individuals who have contributed to Deepam by taking initiatives and executing them. As more individuals contribute, this core team would expand and enable our operations in more teaching centres.

Anyone can volunteer – we need people to

  • Teach kids
  • Organise class’
  • Develop curriculum
  • Raise funds / build partnerships
  • Communicate the Deepam idea
  • And many more
Please write to [email protected] / [email protected] , if you wish to volunteer. The appropriate group leader will get in touch.

If you have questions, please respond to this mail.