Deepam Scholarships

Every child deserves education – The basic requirement for gaining knowledge. Education is one of the fundamental supports that a child needs to become a productive adult. Many children don’t even get a chance at school education. Some don’t have the financial backing to go to college.

It is Deepam’s vision to see every child get a real opportunity at life – through school & college education. Deepam aims to support deserving children by providing them scholarships.

In 2020, thanks to numerous Deepam’s donors – 12 deserving children were awarded need-scholarship by Deepam

Deepam Scholarships 2020

The criteria used at Deepam to award the scholarships are (this may change over time)

  1. Are the children, from a less-privileged background? What do their parents do?
  2. Are they the 1st in their family to enter the school / college system? Are they 1st generation learners?
  3. What do their school / college teachers have to say about their attitude towards learning?
  4. (Optional) Do any of Deepam’s volunteers know them? What is their feedback?
  5. Usually, at this stage, their acadamic performance is not strictly considered for scholarships. Academic performance can be a limiting factor, given the background of the student. We do however, encourage the student to keep improving.
  6. How will this scholarship be utilised? Deepam requires fee receipts and communication from school / college

If you know any deserving students who are in need of money to pay their college fees / school expenses, please do send the details by email to [email protected]