Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification

Deepika is one of our regular students at uroor kuppam centre. Bubbly and full of energy always. Today, she is nervous and not her usual self. She is about to take a ‘practise’ assessment test – She scores 80% and yet doesn’t clear as assessment test ( the test was deliberately made tough by the test designer, with higher cut-offs ). She breaks down … All the volunteers talk to her and cheer her up. Kamalesh tells her it was a practise test and she still isn’t convinced…
That moment defined what the UK centre has managed to accomplish over the last 3 years. Deepika could have taken the test ‘lightly’ and with no emotions attached. But there seemed to be a sense of attachment and ‘a want’ to do well. This surely has come from the months of bonding between the volunteers and the children..
A week later,Saturday the 28th May 2011 4 pm was a proud moment for all of us at Deepam – 6 children from Deepam took the certification test. All of them cleared the exam. Here is the certificate of the 1st kid from Deepam who passed the Microsoft Digital Literacy Certification

This certification tests students knowledge about basic computers , internet and worldwide web , basic skills in productivity programs among others. This is a significant step for Deepam since our computer curriculum is also focussed on making children familiar in the same areas as digital literacy certification curriculum.
Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked with the UK centre children over the last few years. Prasanna , Kamalesh , Shyam , Arti and the logica volunteers had spent last few weeks revising the curriculum , getting the children prepared for this certification.
Someday soon, we will have all children at Deepam – Microsoft Digital Literacy Certified !