Deepam is a registered organization under the name Deepam Charitable Trust.

Deepam needs funds to run its centres and expand to new projects. Currently, we are supported by individual donors.

Our needs are specifically:
1. Infrastructure to teach computers: Power Supply, Laptops/PCs, Internet access at centres.
2. Curriculum Material: Reading and writing material, Books and dictionaries for the children

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The centres that we teach in do not have the infrastructure required to bring computer access to children. Deepam works to set up power supply, PC laptop access and internet access in the classroom. We aim to achieve an access ratio of three children to one computer. Given that we have close to 600 students in Deepam and very few computers/laptops, we are always on the look out for machines.

At present, some of the centres do not support facilities to permanently house PCs. Laptops are preferred because the volunteers can carry them to the centres for the class.

We will individually correspond with each of our donors. Further, we will have a section in our newsletter headed- Donor update so that donors are updated of how the funds have been managed. Nevertheless, do feel free to drop in to one of our centres on a week-end to see for yourself!

We have two projects in the pipeline, subject to financial feasibility.

Deepam Stars
A scholarship program aimed at identifying highflyers who are in need of continued support for money and resources. Deserving kids will be shortlisted and supported with
1. Mentorship – Volunteer who stays in contact with a kid and help guide ideas and interest of kids for excellence in different fields
2. Scholarship – Provide monetary support in terms of Tuition fees / Other support and resources required in their education

Deepam Read
Deepam Read is a planned project involving set-up of a community library, to cultivate the habit of reading and to improve general awareness quotient of kids. The aim is to provide books that impart practical knowledge, widen the horizon of children, encourage and enhance creativity and constitutes an interesting reading for children in the target age group.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting these projects.