“Every child deserves an opportunity at education”  – The driving thought behind the Deepam Scholarship program.

Deepam scholarship program gives financial help for less-privileged students to pay for their education expenses. Mainly, the scholarships are given to college students and in some cases, for school students as well. The scholarship program also aims to guide/Mentor students and help them make use of all the available support & resources.


Who is eligible to apply for Deepam scholarship?

Any student whose total family income is less than Rs.20,000 per month, can apply for Deepam Scholarship Program.

Does Deepam give scholarships for school fees?

Usually, Deepam gives school fee scholarships for students studying in trust schools or private schools for less-privileged. We also give any additional support required for students studying in government schools.

What details are required to apply for Deepam Scholarships?

Deepam needs the following details:

  1. Proof of family income
  2. Current or Previous mark list
  3. School teacher / HM confirmation of student details

How to apply for scholarships?

You can apply by sending an email to [email protected], with your details. We will contact you for a discussion and further information.

How to donate for Deepam Scholarships?

If you wish to donate for Deepam scholarships or setup a scholarship in your loved ones’ name – please email [email protected]

Recent Scholarships

Scholarship received by a parent of the school student.
Scholarship received by a parent of the school student.
Scholarship received by a college student.

Please feel free to write us at [email protected] to know more details.