Highly ‘Nalam’ after Nalamdhana ;-)

Yeah really.I felt very good about myself and the team at the end of the first set of classes at Nalamdhana. So did the kids, they seemed pretty excited in getting certificates and seeing it all being made ‘official’ with a test 🙂
These set of kids were very bright and bubbly, and it made us happy that we could sustain their interest for a long time. In fact, some of them were asking for more stuff like Photoshop, and some wanted time to play games!
While talking to some of them on their dreams and ambitions, it was heartening to see that many of them had clearly decided what they wanted to do in life.There was even one who wanted to be a marine engineer. And those who wanted to become computer engineers had their set of questions for me.. where do you work? How much do you earn? When I didn’t divulge that, they were making guesses..Is it more than Rs.4000?.. What do you do at work? Do you play any sport? When I said I did play sport: I can’t believe you play sports.. You seem very quiet! 🙂
All of them did great in the tests, I just hope we can come up with a plan sometime to probably donate old computers so that they could be in constant touch with whatever they learnt.
These weekends spent at Nalamdhana were great fun and a learning experience for all of us volunteers. Hoping to continue..!