Deepam Leadership Program 2010

Hello Friends,

Deepam has taken small steps towards educating children in the last couple of years. The small improvements are showing and presently, we have some organisations interested in supporting Deepam, financially and otherwise . Now is an interesting point – we need to take a more structured approach, to educating children. Thats the best way to make more impact. This gives us the best chance to be consistent at what we are doing and improve at it.
Deepam Leadership program is a way to contribute to Deepam, in a more organised and structured manner. This will be a 2 year program. You will work on centre organising / fundraising / Communications & Marketing / Volunteer Programs and more. Each of us will be working on a specific role. At the end of 2 years, you can move to another role or continue on a ‘mentoring / advisory’ role.
This program is a good way to learn about NGO operations / understand non-profits better. If you have plans of working in the non-profit sector in the future, this program is a good stepping stone. Also, if you are looking at learning leadership skills, this platform offers you the opportunity. And ofcourse, if you have a leadership background and want to work on Deepam programs, please do reach to us 🙂
Deepam Leadership Program is an opportunity to ‘Learn by DOING’ .
If you are looking to contribute more to Deepam – this is your chance. What is required from you ?
  1. Interest / passion to teach and see children improve
  2. Have atleast 6 hours free time per week, for Deepam
  3. If you are looking to learn / improve leadership skills or have been a leader, please do apply
Interested people can mail me at kk@deepam in, with answers to 3 questions. If you want more clarity on the role, please feel free to email me
  1. Which role do you want to apply to ? Roles – Centre Organising , Fundraising , Communications & Marketing , Volunteer Programs , Events , Technology Team
  2. Why do you want to work on the role ?
  3. How will this help / benefit you ?