2010 and the Year Ahead at Deepam

Hello Friends,
A very happy new year to all at Deepam.
Looking back at 2010, Deepam stuck to the objective set at the start of the year – Focus more on improving the impact we make . We didn’t expand / start new centres. Instead, improved our current programs.
Some significant activities / progress in 2010
  1. A stable team at West Mambalam and VRS centre.
  2. Quantitative evaluation of our teaching at WM / VRS centres
  3. A good implementation of Library program at West Mambalam centre
  4. Internet availability in 5 of our 6 centres
  5. Deepam Fellows
  6. Launch of STARS
  7. Deepam Newsletter – Oli
  8. The 1st Deepam class picnic at VRS centre
  9. Availability of computers at all centres
  10. Structured curriculum at WM / VRS centres
  11. Painting events in partnership with Logica
  12. Fun childrens day and annual day event
  13. Google Doodle submissions by Uroor Kuppam Centre
  14. The origami sessions at all centres
  15. SCRATCH implementation in Pudiador Centre
  16. Ofcourse, the HP EdTech 2010 – Education Innovation Award
And lots more..
Deepam is still in a learning phase and this year has brought out some clear ideas – Importance of consistent efforts / contribution at a centre. West Mambalam and to an extent VRS centres had consistent contribution from the volunteers. Clearly, the 2 centres were able to ‘Do More’ and execute the ideas. In the other centres, a lot of effort went into ensuring class happened every week.
Looking forward , in 2011, Deepam would again focus on improving the impact / quality of education at our centres. As West Mambalam and VRS showed us last year, improving impact requires consistent contribution. It is this aspect of Deepam, that we will look to improve in 2011.
Lets make 2011 a better year at Deepam.