Deepam KC Centre – 3 Stories

These 3 stories made our day at the KC centre on Saturday –
  • Community Participation – Getting the support of the community where we teach, is a good indicator of our progress. On saturday, a political party had planned a meeting in the locality and had brought out the loud speakers. With our teaching centre close by, the voice inside the class was drowned by the songs, which were belted away. When we requested the organisers to ‘stop the music’, they readily agreed – I even overheard a guy commenting that they should co-operate with Deepam and allow us continue the good work !! Comments like these make the day 🙂
  • Class participation by the kids – The participation of the kids, at the saturday’s class, would put most of the class’ i’ve attended in school / college to shame. Meera Sivakumar did a fantastic job ‘ facilitating / teaching ‘ at the class . She prepared for the class and the intensity she brought to the class was a lesson for the rest of us. She was smart in engaging the kids – getting kids to read the slides / asking questions , keeping the kids on their toes. The passion / energy she brought to the class was soon reflected on the students. In a short while, the entire student group was participating in the class. Just reinforces the belief, that a good teacher can ignite a million minds..
  • Word spreads : We have new students joining our class every weekend. Its a happy feeling when a student brings his friend , to join our sessions. Hope this stays .

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