July 18th @ KC


Michael Jackson still enthrals the world. The kids were quite enthusiastic on MJ.They came out with facts which I am sure many of us did not know (well how many of you know about Jackson 5 ??? I did’nt 🙂 )…

I significant highlight of the week was visit by Dr.Saswati Mukherjee, Professor,Dept. of Computer Science, College Of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University.
Kids kept astounding her with their knowledge on booting, BIOS settings.

Secondly, the kids are participating instead of being .They themselves are volunteering to answer questions,read paragraph.Guess we ahve been succesful in breaking open initial reclusive/shy nature.And this “attitude” was not just among the boys, girls were not far behind in competing.Thirdly,Revathy, a kid from std 6, approached us and asked the print out of the story read last week.This clearly proves, we are able to create a little amount of “interest” in the kids’ mind.


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