10 New OLPC’s Donated to Deepam


Friends – We have some good news – Our Friends at Cognizant (CTS ) / Team Everest have donated 10 new OLPC’s to Deepam. These laptops will be used at the new centre that Deepam’s starting this weekend at Alwarpet,Chennai. The class 4/5 students at this school will benefit from these machines.

Anuradha ( quick thinking, as always), has some wonderful ideas to put the OLPCs to use, at the centre. We will hear more from her, in the coming days .

A big thanks to Kartheeban Chandramohan, founder of Team Everest for supporting Deepam. Also, thanks to Srini for liaising with Team Everest and making this happen.

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  1. Donated? And such a small number … is OLPC supporting this? Imho: OLPC's policy and experiences give clear guidelines:
    1. massive, everybody or… nothing.
    2. All the rest is dangerous and may give rise to situations that will shed a negative image to OLPC. One to start with: jealousy and criticism by compettitors either it works and comptettition will say …sure it worked… it was a small group that was pampered (by some hyper-rich foundation). And if it goes wrong: you see … it's not working.
    Just a request for comments..

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