Deepam Annual Day – Thanks!!!!

Hello Friends,

It was a memorable saturday afternoon for all of us at Deepam . The children brought so much energy to the event and am still recovering from the afternoon. The children enjoyed the events , which reflected in their fantastic performances. In the coming days, we will write more about the event – more pictures / videos will be posted on the groups.
The teamwork at Deepam was so evident on that day – to pull off this big event, we had to have so many people working together. When this happens at a completely volunteer driven organisation, it is quite a special feeling πŸ™‚
Here is a big thanks to all the people who joined to help –
  • Gopal Sir – Thanks for helping us get the venue. Couldn’t have asked for better facilities and a more historical place, for our big event
  • Team West Mambalam – Priya , Vasanthi , Arthi , Maduravalli , Bhagirathi , Sriram , Noopuran , Saye and others. I couldn’t believe the children were speaking in such fluent english and came across so confident on stage. Thats a reflection of the work you put in !
  • Radhika / Basu / Archana – Thanks for ensuring all the children had a medal / certificate to take home. All of them were proudly showing off the medals πŸ™‚
  • Team UK Centre – Nisha / Sadhvia / Balaji / Giri and others . Your dedication reflects in the regular turnout of the children.
  • Yashwant / Chandana – Wow! that was some energy on the stage. You guys were in sync with the children & their performances!! You guys stepped into the MC role easily
  • Team KC Centre – Viju , Chandana , Vedavalli , Srini – thanks for co-ordinating the elaborate performance by the children.
  • Team Olcott – Though we couldn’t have performances from them, Thanks Dr.Karthick / kannan / KCG for helping with bringing kids over. Quite difficult to bring a large number of children over and ensuring events went smooth.
  • Sponsors – Thanks to all the sponsors, we could cover all the costs for this event. None of them wanted to be named. Thanks πŸ™‚
  • Team Pudiyador – Sundar / Krishnan / Anupama / Shashi and others. Creative / artistic performances the children. Thanks !
  • KCG college Team – Priya , Radhika , Yuvi and others. There was a lot of energy in your performance.Thanks for taking time to be with the children.
  • Team VRS – Leeba / Anuradha / Pradyot / Abhishek. The little ones floored everyone with their energy !! We had a great start with VRS performance πŸ™‚ – Thanks for organising this one!
  • Supporters / Chief Guest – Thanks for coming over and encouraging our efforts!
  • Photography Team – Sriram , Shankar / Noopuran and others. Thanks for covering this event, in a professional way !
  • Jishnu , Jassim , Swapnil , Priya , Bhagirthi , Bharani, Anbu , Bhargav and others – Thanks for helping with event organising.
and help from many more..
It sure was magical to see the whole event fall in place, with the help of volunteers. We never had any prior rehearsals, but as with all good things – the event exceeded expectations. The stars of the afternoon sure were.. the children & volunteers.

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