3rd Annual Day – Thanks for making this a memorable event!


Hello Friends,

It was a joy to watch the children enjoy the Deepam Annual Day. Almost all of them seemed like natural performers on the stage. Thanks to all the volunteers for making this a memorable experience for the children.
Leeba – First one to show up at the ‘party’ . She got us answers to some difficult questions – Right from the start, she took on the job of helping identify venue / chief guests / making other arrangements, besides helping out the VRS team to put up the show.
Basu – Has always been a solid support at Deepam. This time too, he ran the show behind-the-scenes and ensured things happened.
Archana – Wherever she is, she contributes to Deepam. Despite living in Poland, She co-ordinated – designed / ensured the certificates , medals were available for the event, well in advance !
Priya / Radhika / Other KCG College students – Talented bunch from the KCG College. Their consistent efforts at Deepam is really an example for college children. On the annual day, they entertained all of us with their music. Thanks!
Vandhana – New to deepam – yet got into “action mode” along with Archana to get the medals / certificates were ready, much before the event. Thanks!
Our Guests Murali / Illayaraja from Sevalaya – Thanks for sharing your stories and being with us on this day. The children connected with your speech and was motivating for them.
Orderyourchoice.com – Thanks for supporting the event. Gladly offered to sponsor, on hearing about annual day.
Roopa / Swapnil / Sriram / Mahesh – Thanks for supporting the event with your generous contributions. The best part was all it took was an email about the event and they gladly responded on their own 🙂
Hotbreads – Our ‘food partner’ – they provided snacks for all of us. They were feasted on by all of us, hungry ones!
Yashwant – Took on the role of MC, this year too. Kept everyone engaged . He also brought in a humourist-friend, who kept us light and laughing with his mimicry
Sriram / Noopuran / Pradyot / Anupama – The photographers for the event. Sure made us all feel ‘big’ on stage . Thanks for capturing the moments!
The centre teams and Children ( so many to mention here ) – Going by what we saw on the day, it was clear that every centre had put in a lot of effort to put up the show. Many hours had gone into re-hearsing and getting ‘ready’ for the day. Despite a volunteer effort, it was heartening to see the effort to make the show as professional as possible – the ideas / the ‘props’ / the execution was just awesome. Thanks a lot friends, you deserve the most special thanks !
Deepam Team !

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