Deepam 5th Annual Day – Your Support Required


Deepam’s 5th Annual day celebrations will be on March 17th. All the children from our current batch will be awarded certificates / medals. The children will also perform for all of us on this day.

We will have all the centres coming together for this event – the children and volunteers from all centres will be present at this event. We will shortly confirm the venue / date.

In the meanwhile, we are looking for sponsors for this event. I’ve listed down the requirements below 

Here is the approx budget
  1. Medals & Certificates for Children – Rs.13,000
  2. Scholarship for Deepam Kakkan Colony Centre Children – Rs.15,000
  3. Tee Shirts for Children (240 children) & Volunteers(60 volunteers) – Rs.60,000
  4. Venue expenses (chairs etc) / Audio – Rs.7,000
  5. Refreshments – Rs.10,000
  6. Transportation for children – Rs.15,000
Total Budget : Rs.1,20,000 ( approx )

We have received :Rs.68,000 and need to raise Rs.52,000

If you know any organisations / individuals who can contribute, please do get in touch with me : [email protected] or call me 988 421 7276


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