“Featured Volunteer of the Month” for Jul’13 – Sindhuja

Sindhuja from Olcott center has been awarded the “Featured Volunteer of the Month” for Jul’13
A short write-up about Sindhuja from Sugumaran (Center head for Olcott)
Sinduja is always present, smiling and contributing.  She has evolved well over the last year to take on more responsibility at Olcott. She has not only contributed individually, but also brought her friends and relatives along to Deepam

She is a law graduate and her works portrait the same in taking bold decisions and confidence in arguing for a valid point from her side. Her boldness reflects on our kids to enable them in walking a step ahead. A recent example was during a team segregation, where most of the kids preferred to join with her team

She led the initiative in preparing the curriculum from Olcott’s end during May month along with her friends. She also worked on the field to prepare an assessment plan for this academic year”

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