Volunteer of the Month


We are not even at the end of June but this month’s ‘ Volunteer of the Month ‘ is a very easy decision.

When we stepped into the class this afternoon, the person’s name was on the lips of the children – wondering why the person didn’t come today. Goes to show the influence the person has had over the kids since the start of the session at Besant Nagar.

And the person also didn’t shy away from initiatives – Along with Archana, she brought the idea of introducing some knowledge games to the kids. Importantly, made sure the idea got implemented – taking time off during a weekday to go hunt for the games , bringing them over to the kids and getting them to play 🙂

Thanks Meera ! You are our Volunteer of the Month !!!

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  1. Hey, thanks KK! It’s been major fun working with the kids and the team. I’m only happy that the kids are regular to class and eager to learn. It’s kudos to all!

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