Deepam Scholarship

Team, has come forward to support deserving students for their 
education. Criteria and other stuffs as below
1) Should be part of ‘Deepam’ and should have attended minimum 10 classes 
2) Should be studying above 9th std
3) Should have decent academic record (above 70%)
4) Should prove their economic need
5) Would be nice if the student has some refernce like shool prinicpal
About Nanmai 
1) is one who are looking to sponser this scholarship 
2) Nanmai would provide 50% of fees/year (75% fees/year if the 
background is really poor) 
3) Nanmai would also provide them with necessary books and notebooks. 
4) Nanmai will not provide any cash as such. We need to list of 
things required and they would provide 
What we need to do
1) We need to select 10 students matching above criteria
2) Students can be from any centres
3) Would be nice if there is atleast one from each centre
4) Identify such candidates and let me know
5) We have quite a bit of opertional stuff to follow, we can do that once we identify candidates.
Note: It is already early June, we need to hurry up.

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