Know About Deepam #2

Is Deepam aiming at replacing teachers in Schools ?
No, not at all. Deepam, infact, complements students’ learning through the teachers. Deepam believes that good teachers at school can never be replaced. They get students inspired and capture their attention. They have the best opportunity to shape the students. Most of the teachers do a fantastic job with meagre rewards. Deepam aims to provide a little bit extra that a school teacher is unable to provide, as a result of workloads / other demands. Deepam enables students to be ‘well rounded’ on top of the foundation that a school teacher has laid.
I am a part of the Deepam google group and i want to contribute. But i don’t know how.
  1. Mail your questions to the googlegroup and one of the group members will answer
  2. Visit class’ – You will understand the way Deepam operates and you will know how you can contribute
  3. Just hit reply and respond to mails requesting for ‘volunteers’
  4. Just hit reply to this mail 🙂
What is required from me, to teach at a centre ?
  1. Enthusiasm and interest to work with kids
  2. Two hours to spare on 1 day, during the weekend + commute time
  3. 15 mins of preparation before the class
I would like to help in other activities as well. What do i do ?
  1. You can help in fund raising / partnerships etc – Please talk to Rahul / Meera
  2. You can help in designing curriculum – Please talk to Vijay / Archana
  3. Anything at all – Just mail the group

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